Grandway Residential, the development division of Grandway Group, is a full-service residential development company focused on custom home development, community development, and land development. For our clients, we provide development services that span the full lifecycle of residential development, from due diligence, acquisition, land use planning and entitlement, to design and engineering, construction, financing, marketing, and sales. We have managed over US$500 million in single-family residential projects and completed land use planning and entitlement of over 1,000 acres of land for residential development in the State of California. Our development team leverages over two centuries of collective experience to assist our clients in every stage of residential real estate development.

Our Process

Feasibility Study

Feasibiilty study is a critical phase prior to acquisition or investment, during which our team seeks to estimate the cost and time to entitlement, the cost and time to complete, and the sellout value of our client's project. Equally importantly, we aim to understand the risks and other complications there may be, and how we can mitigate them. During this process, Grandway team reviews all property documentations in detail; prepare conceptual designs and plans; formulate preliminary budgets and sales estimates; and meet with the city, the county, and relevant environmental agencies to understand timing and potential entitlement problems.

Entitlement & Permitting

Entitlement and permitting is an extensive process to obtain the right to develop a property with government approvals for zoning, density, design, use, and occupancy permits. On behalf of our clients, Grandway team instructs, advises, and supervises the work of architects, engineers, legal counsels, and other consultants. We will negotiate and coordinate closely with government agencies and, as applicable, HOA's and environmental agencies. We also assist our clients through hearings, votes, and other city, county, or HOA processes as applicable, which often present significant uncertainty to the project and must be handled cautiously.

Architecture & Engineering

To make a project successful, architects and engineerings require detailed directions, instructions, and supervision by a season developer that is mindful of entitlement and financial goals. On behalf of our clients, Grandway team is responsible for instructing and supervising the work of architects and engineers, such that their work is performed in a manner that facilitates entitlement process, meets budget constraints, and optimizes project value.

Construction Planning

Prior to the start of construciton, Grandway team will carefully prepare and define in details the scope of work, the budget, the construction schedule, the construction contracts, the insurance policies, and other construction-related documentation. Before and during construction, Grandway team will coordinate closely between contractors, architects, engineerings, consultants, and government agencies, to ensure that issues are resolved promptly in a matter consistent with the project's budget and sales goals.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing directly impacts a project's top line, and planning for it must start as early as possible during the project cycle. Grandway team is mindful of our clients' sales and marketing goals during entitlement, architecture and engineering, and construction planning, in order to ensure that every decision is made strategically and rationally with the ultimate goal of optimizing the overall sellout value. Whether it is a custom spec home, a residential community, or land, the sales specialists on our team can assist you with planning throughout the development process. Our team will also be responsible for overseeing the sales & marketing activities, from marketing assets, staging, and listing, to advertising, marketing campaigns, and other promotional activities. We will also supervise the sales team of our clients or serve as the listing agent for our clients.