Grandway Group is an institutional quality management company founded in 1997, with a focus on real estate development, construction, and investment in the United States. We provide end-to-end solutions for demanding clients looking to develop, build, or invest in different sectors of real estate. Our goal is to help clients create value and protect wealth.

For over 25 years, our deep history in real estate, our global and local network, and our commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity provides us a crucial advantage in catering to the performance requirements of sophisticated clients.

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Fundamental Research

Meticulous, comprehensive research and analysis form the basis of all of our decisions.  Whether it is a decision in construction, architectural design, sales and marketing, property purchase, or investments, our team believes in the importance of fundamental research and data analysis in driving our day-to-day decisions.

Our professionals synthesize research data from a variety of sources to develop a comprehensive view of the circumstances, in order to arrive at a detailed understanding of the risks and benefits involved so that we can assist and advice clients with confidence. We also monitor and evaluate industry and macroeconomic trends that could have an impact on our business operations on a continuous basis.

Risk Management

Risk assessment and management is central to our day to day operations at Grandway Group. Our team monitors and strives to mitigate two types of risk: systematic risk, which pertains to environmental factors including geopolitics, market trends, industry developments, and asset class movements; and idiosyncratic risk, which is specific to the project or investment target, such as value deterioration, operational risks, transaction risks, counter-party risks, and enforcement risks. We seek to mitigate these risks through extensive due diligence, supervision, insurance, hedges, and diversification.
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Information Systems

Technology plays a crucial role in today’s business environment, and Grandway Group employs industry leading information systems and equipment to support our day to day operations. From accounting, treasury, and client services to constrution, design, sales, and marketing, the software and hardware we employ are leading systems that are carefully selected and tailored to our institutional requirements.

As our business continuity plan provides, all of our file systems, phone systems, conferencing capabilities, and other functions required for normal business operations must be cloud-based and remotely accessible by all employees. This provides our clients the assurance that our services and our business will continue without interruption in the most difficult environments.

Operations Management

Successful business operations rely on streamlined processes and execution. Grandway Group employs a seasoned accounting, treasury, transaction coordination, and office management staff focused on ensuring that all of our operational requirements are process-based and streamlined. Furthermore, we employ top quality partners who assist us in legal, auditing, corporate administration, insurance, and escrow, to ensure the efficiency and continuity of our business operations.